(fwd) Re: INN: domain name in message-IDs

Matus "fantomas" Uhlar uhlar at fantomas.sk
Tue Aug 27 09:50:14 UTC 2002

-> > -> There is the "domain" keyword in inn.conf to set the domain name if
-> > -> (and only if) gethost*name(3) fail. This does not work for me.
-> > I tried the same. I think this should be taken as default if domain
-> > isn't defined in readers.conf.
-> > ... would it he hard to do?
-> The reason why we didn't do that a while back is because that's not what
-> domain was meant to be.  domain was the *domain* name (to which the host
-> name should be prepended) and is there as a settable parameter because of
-> sites with old or broken DNS.
-> domain in readers.conf is something different.  :/
-> I suppose we could decide that there aren't any hosts around any more that
-> are so old that INN can't figure out the right domain name (although I'm
-> not sure this is true for some weird local configurations) and that domain
-> could be recycled to set the local host name.  Although if we're going to
-> do that, I'd rather just remove the domain parameter and add a new one.
-> Like, say, hostname.  :)

Well, no problem imho, and what will the variable mean? 
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