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T.J. Duchene linuxman at
Mon Aug 26 20:05:43 UTC 2002

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 I have an INN server setup, with the new 2.3.3 software, but it is not =
giving a list of newsgroups to clients.  Having posted this problem =
before, people have asked me how I know it is spooling the articles.  I =
know it is getting articles from the newsfeed, as I can read them right =
out of the /usr/local/news/spool/articles/.

There are no errors in the log or the news.err or news.crit files to =
explain this behaviour.  I don't have the time to crawl into the code, =
and am really desperate for some wisdom here.  This is a production news =
server, and I need to get it operational as fast as possible.


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