newsgroup hierarchy problem

Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at
Mon Aug 26 20:09:54 UTC 2002

On 26 Aug 2002, Julie BOURBEILLON wrote:

> The subfolder hierachy in the the $pathspool/articles/ folder respects
> the hierarchy I've created and expect to see in the newsgroup tree in
> the newsreader...

Then it's most definitely not anything having to do with INN.  (You might 
try another newsreader to confirm this for yourself if you don't believe 

> It's the one provided with the KDE window manager (knode) and it appears
> to handle correctly the newsgroup tree provided by my ISP but not mine.
> On this newsserver there are groups that don't have a deep tree (only
> two or three levels) and they are displayed as trees in the newsgroup
> list...So it doesn't seem to be a threshold problem...

Huh.  I don't know might ask in or see if 
there's a mailing list for your newsreader.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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