expire robustness

Kenichi Okada okada at opaopa.org
Tue Aug 27 08:20:14 UTC 2002


In the message <1030434242.22222.5.camel at alexk>
Alex Kiernan <alexk at demon.net> wrote:

> > I think that a command "expire" should be more robust.
> > The expire is interrupted by a broken line.
> > I think that the expire should not be interrupted but ignore the broken line.

> Can you update to the latest -CURRENT and see if the fix I'd already put
> in works correctly for you?

I used inn-CURRENT-20020823.tar.gz which did not contain your change.
I get inn-CURRENT-20020827.tar.gz, and it seems to be good. 
Thank you very much.

Kenichi Okada
mailto:okada at opaopa.org

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