INN error reporting functions

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Aug 24 00:14:39 UTC 2002

I've converted all of the various INN programs to use the message and
error reporting functions in "inn/messages.h" except for innd, nnrpd, and
innfeed, which will require some more complex work.  I haven't done the
storage backends or the history backend, but every program should now set
up appropriate handlers for what it does.

This means that it's now safe to use warn and notice in any of the backend
libraries used by INN (die generally isn't a good idea for most of the
backend functions for obvious reasons), and anyone who wants to convert
parts of innd's, nnrpd's, or innfeed's error handling can feel free.

Using trace and debug would also be great, but will be somewhat trickier
to set up correctly and will require a lot of thought about what's
actually being done.

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