Limiting INN's NNRP connections per IP

Matus fantomas Uhlar uhlar at
Fri Aug 30 12:05:23 UTC 2002

-> > Hmmm if anyone would; However I had the idea having one innd/nnrpd
-> > master-server, that would maintain databases (active, newsgroups,
-> > history, overview) and nnrpd clients would only read it.
-> I'm not sure what you mean here; if nnrpd inherits databases from innd,
-> they'll be open read/write, which seems bad.  Plus the innd access pattern
-> is very different from the nnrpd access pattern.

Of course, that is what I meaned "would be hard to do"... but at least
sharing data between nnrpd's could spare much. Well that's just an idea. I'm
sorry but i won't have time for doing it :(((

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