History File over 2GB

Mark Hittinger bugs at pu.net
Fri Aug 30 19:06:08 UTC 2002

> bill davidsen wrote:
> and it would probably be better to include a flag to delete overview for
> an article as well, to avoid mismatches between data and information.
> Clearly this would be a problem for non-database overview, perhaps a
> queue of deletes to process? Not easy to do fast, but expire is
> something I'd love to avoid.

I'd like to see some record flags in history and overview data that imply
the record is deleted and should not be used.

It would be nice during the day to have cancels flip such a "deleted" bit in
the overview record.  The article would then be unavailable to the NNRPD's.
Later expires could truely get rid of the records.


Mark Hittinger
bugs at pu.net

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