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Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Aug 31 15:46:08 UTC 2002

Rene Tschaggelar <tschaggelar at> writes:

> Need is not the right expression. Rather interested to have a look 
> at. I'm not even sure my newsreader supports SSL. Ok, at 

> ./configure --with-perl --with-openssl=/usr/ssl

> the process stops at 

> checking for OpenSSL location... /usr/ssl
> checking for RSAPublicEncrypt in -lrsaref ... no
> checking for BIO_new in -lcrypto ... no
> configure: error: Can not find OpenSSL

> the given path /usr/ssl is where the configuration files of openssl
> reside. The binary *openssl itself is in /usr/sbin. Giving that path
> didn't improve anything either.
> My meagre script knowledge led me to believe to have found the cause:
> there is an /include/openssl/ssl.h required.
> It is indeed not there. I have OpenSSL installed, at least Yast
> tells me so and the directories /usr/ssl are there.

Try not giving any path to --with-openssl.  I think that with that
configuration, INN will be able to find it all without further help,
although I'm not positive.

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