cycbuff problems

Alan Shackelford ashackel at
Tue Aug 6 19:17:11 UTC 2002

Thanks to all who replied. I found that my cycbuffs were just a tad too 
big to call 2GB, so I remade them at 2097151 1k blocks. This took most 
of the day, but when I started the server it still complained that it 
couldn't initialize the storage system. I then discovered that I had the 
same class number for two of my cnfs stanzas in storage.conf . As soon 
as I fixed that it came up happily. Thursday morning I move it to the 
data center and production. One more day to test.

Thanks again for an informative list and a fun software.


Alan V. Shackelford     Senior Systems Software Engineer
Enterprise Services Group   The Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland USA  410-516-6773  ashackel at

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