nnrpd with nfs-mounted spool?

Ilia Varlachkine ilya at euroconnect.fr
Thu Aug 8 10:38:26 UTC 2002

Hello All,

I guess this was already discussed here or written somewhere. Though
having spent a week reading docs and faq's I couldn't find something
more or less complete on how to setup a system with one feeder storing
articles in a spool which is accessed by nnrpd-based hosts via NFS.

I have just a simplest setup: hostA is running everything just like it
would be standalone, it shares db/ and spool/ over NFS (I've set it to
be read-only). I use traditional index for overview and traditional
spool for the moment (during the test I only carry news.* and local.*
hierarchies so it should be ok). I've symlinked
spool/overview/group.index to ~news/group.index to make it local
everywhere. HostB mounts spool/ via NFS but has local ~news/group.index,
nnrpposthost is set to hostA in inn.conf, and it runs nnrpd only (I
tried both as standalone with -D and from inetd, yet behaviour is the
same, see below).

When I connect with news reader to hostB it doesn't show any articles
(sure, they're in the spool). I suppose I'm missing some part of the
setup, but can't figure out what.

Could someone please give some hints, links to documentation or any
other information on how to implement such a scenario? I'm running

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: I saw
http://www.mibsoftware.com/userkt/inn/dev/inn2.0-beta/inn/NEWS and was
puzzled - though I'd like to have 'nfsreader' in inn.conf yet I couldn't
find inn 2.4, which they describe there. Is this their own invention or
something which really exist?

Ilya Varlashkin

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