nnrpd with nfs-mounted spool?

Ilia Varlachkine ilya at euroconnect.fr
Wed Aug 28 13:25:35 UTC 2002

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> "Ilia Varlachkine" <ilya at euroconnect.fr> writes:
> > Though having spent a week reading docs and faq's I couldn't find 
> > something more or less complete on how to setup a system with one 
> > feeder storing articles in a spool which is accessed by nnrpd-based 
> > hosts via NFS.
> The "official" line is you can't, if you look further down in 
> the same NEWS file you mention:
>     INN makes extensive use of mmap for the new overview 
> mechanisms, so at
>     the present time NFS-mounting the spool and overview from 
> one central
>     server on multiple reader machines probably isn't feasible in this
>     version.  mmap tends to interact poorly with NFS (at the 
> least, NFS
>     clients won't see updates to the mapped files in 
> situations where they
>     should).  (The preferred way to fix this would, rather 
> than backing out
>     the use of mmap or making it optional, to add support for 
> Diablo-style
>     header feeds and pull-on-demand of articles from a master server.)

Thanks for the hint. I guess this is why I can send articles from
nfsreader-host and see them on the main host (where spool is local and
then exported to nfsreaders)? I tried to set mmap-related attributes in
inn.conf to 'false'. But that doesn't help - whether I post from main
host or from readers, articles are not visible to nfsreaders until I
unmount and remount ~news/db and ~news/spool.

Apart from mentioned headers-feed, is there any other solution?

Ilia Varlachkine

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