innd on linux?

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I'd agree with this. I use the precompiled RH 7.2 server for
a small site and with files <2GB and it works quite well. RedHat
has a braindead installation with stuff strewn all over
the place and some documentation missing.

I don't believe that RH 7.3 is different.


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| Is RH Linux up to the job of running a innd news server?

Yes, but IMHO their precompiled INN is not. I suggest getting the source
and building, include large file support, put the buffers and stuff
where you want them, etc.

Unless it's fixed in 7.3 RH still builds a perl intended for 2.2
kernels, without large file support. cnfsstat will not work with large
files unless you build your own. You can just keep all of the cycbuffs
less than 2GB, of course.

| If so what filesystem should I be looking at?
| (I'll be using cyc buffs for storage so maybe this is irrelevant)

It probably doesn't matter, you will not be creating a lot of files
if you use cycbuffs. If you crash a lot you probably need ext3 to speed

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