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| Not sure what everyone else thinks, but I tend to think we have too
| many random, special interest, tools which come as part of INN, though
| some are I guess as INN has transitioned from a world which did UUCP
| and news batches through to multi-Mb streamed feeds.

I see one of the major advantages of news over mail that it supports
many transmission methods. I would hate to see support for UUCP batched
feeds go away, because there are still a lot of people using low
bandwidth links, possibly part-time or off-hours, to move news. And UUCP
over IP using compressed batches is a great way to move most bits in
shortest time.

I have used some of the tools I wrote in newstools2 like getrnews to
create big rnews input files which are then sent on tape (CD these days)
to secure sites where anything which goes in stays in (hopefully except
peple) and there are no network connections.

INN is very versatile, and while I don't suggest spending a lot of time
on building new tools to support these methods, I sure want to see what
we have remain. There are lots of sites which run news software but not
usenet, it's a good BBS for internal groups.
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