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Wed Dec 11 01:23:23 UTC 2002

Kjetil Torgrim Homme <kjetilho at> writes:
> [Russ Allbery]:

>>   Going through more very old patches.

> wow, it must have been a bit of work to merge that old patch in.

I mostly didn't merge it so much as reimplemented it, because I rewrote sm
in the process (its structure was bothering me).  By the time I was done,
adding this was about a three-line change.  :)

(The original patch was retrieving the whole article and then parsing it
to find the end of the headers; RETR_HEAD is a lot easier.)

> it was written to populate a Diablo reader server while keeping INN as
> the backend spool server.  as you probably know, a Diablo reader only
> keeps overview and active information.  it will populate a cache of
> actually requested articles when running, but you can clear this if you
> like.

Hm.  It takes rnews batch files containing the headers?  Or was there
another piece of glue involved?  If there was another piece of glue
involved, I'm inclined to say that that piece of glue should do the
removal of bodies, since otherwise one has a nasty rnews batch sitting
around that, if ever imported into a regular server, would result in
potential propagation of corrupt articles.

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