INN newsfeed questions

Afra Ahmad aa4 at
Sun Jan 6 12:01:57 UTC 2002


A couple of quick questions. I have read the docs and couldn't find
anything that helped me out on the following issues. I have INN 2.3.2
running on Linux (built fresh from source) and have set everything up. 

I currently am receiving the newsfeed from our main ISP fine. However,
having kept INN running for 2 days now, it seems that only the
alt.binaries.* are coming in (11 gigs of it) and no other newsgroup is
coming in, even though ~news/db/active lists many others. I ftp'd over
active.Z from a public FTP server perfectly, along with the newsgroups
file. I am using tradspool to store the messages. Why is this happening?
I have set nothing up to make it this way. This is from my incoming.conf

peer {
  max-connections:        8 

Also, I found nothing on this, but in news.notice, I keep seeing these

innd: tradindexed: repacking group,
offset 14307

Is this normal? I noticed this started to happen when I rewrote the
active file with a new one and restarted innd. I was previously using
our ISP's active file (using getlist) but then retreived a new one from
the public FTP site. 

Thank you very much on any help.


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