Tradspool recovery

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Jan 14 20:01:08 UTC 2002

Jeffrey M Vinocur <jeff at> writes:

> Well, makehistory doesn't seem to have worked out right, since I'm still
> getting SMstore problems.  I'll try it again, but does anyone have
> advice for dealing with the unreliable makehistory in 2.3?

> I get the usual inexplicable stuff from makehistory, lots of:

> makehistory: Can't write overview data "@0500000000F9000002350000000000000000@"
> in the logs, lots of:

> Jan 14 00:03:56 marduk makehistory[18509]: tradindexed: repacking group
> news.answers, offset 13508
> Jan 14 00:03:56 marduk makehistory[18509]: tradindexed: packgroup cant
> write to /usr/local/news/spool/overview/n/a/news.answers-NEW.IDX: No such
> file or directory

That last bit is very odd.  I wish I knew what was going on with it.  Is
there a huge gap in article numbers or something?

I really need to rewrite this whole part of INN, but surprise surprise, I
just got another rush project at work....  :/

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