question about newsgroup alt.sysadmin.recovery

Jeff Stewart jstewa31 at
Tue Jan 15 18:44:35 UTC 2002


This may not be an INN issue, but it has me perplexed.  I have an entry in
my active file for alt.sysadmin.recovery:

alt.sysadmin.recovery 0000000047 0000000047 m

I (and others) are subscribed to the group, yet the only posting we ever
see is the FAQ (ya know, 666 lines..)  A quick check on google shows many
other postings.

A quick grep through ~news/log/* shows nothing.  I guess I'm curious as 
to why we would receive the FAQ and no other posts.  Is this simply 
an issue I need to take to my upstreams?  Is the group notorious for 
EMP/ECP and getting filtered?  If I never got any posts, that 
would make more sense.  But why just the FAQ and nothing else?

Any ideas?  :-) FWIW, INN 2.3.2 running on Solaris 8.
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