unwanted.log strangeness

Steven L. Sesar ssesar at mitre.org
Tue Jan 15 21:01:22 UTC 2002

"Jeffrey M. Vinocur" wrote:

> On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Steven L. Sesar wrote:
> > Jan 15 12:39:30.956 + news.mitre.org <200201151739.MAA08214 at top.mitre.org> 2710
> > overview!
> Hang on a second, I'm confused.  Is your problem just that it's showing up
> in unwanted.log, but the articles actually work fine?


No. The problem is that 1 of 162 local.* groups shows up in unwanted.log, recent
message(s) show up when I grep ~news/log/news,  show up when I grep my active file,
does NOT show up when I grep my history file.

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