makehistory confusion

Graeme Mathieson graeme+inn-workers at
Thu Jan 17 14:01:21 UTC 2002

I'm having some trouble convincing the server I have running inn CURRENT
(as of 20011219) to keep track of all the articles it has on spool.
I'll describe this from the point where I've noticed that all the old
articles are missing.

I rebuild overview and history with:

makehistory -b -f history.n -O -e -F

then move the history files around into the correct place, restart innd
and issue `ctlinnd renumber ''`.  All the groups I have on tradspool are
renumbered back down to the lo article number that actually exists on

The next time news.daily runs, overview seems to be expired for these
articles, though they are not removed from disk.  I'm kinda confused as
to what's going on...

I the course of trying to figure it out, I noticed that, of the million
entries in the history file that makehistory was generating, only 4000
of them had SM tokens attached to them.  That seems wrong, since by
virtue of the fact that makehistory is scanning the spool, everything it
picks up ought to have a storage token...  I tracked that down to the
following in expire/makehistory.c (around line 700):

    if (!NoHistory) {
        bool r;

        if (Expires > 0)
            r = HISwrite(History, MessageID,
                         Arrived, Posted, Expires, art->token);
            r = HISremember(History, MessageID, Arrived);
        if (r == false) {
            (void)fprintf(stderr, "makehistory: Can't write history line, %s\n", strerror(errno));

Why is doing a HISwrite() conditional on there being an Expires: header?
I'm currently rebuilding history with it unconditionally calling
HISwrite() instead.  We'll see what happens.
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