bug in nnrpd password?

Adi Sieker adi-ml at living-source.com
Tue Jan 22 17:44:45 UTC 2002


A search on the inn-workers mailing list returned a mail from
somebody describing exactly the problem I am experiencing right now.

Does anyone know if this is in any todo/pending list in the near
future? I presume no, as there isn't any changes in nnrpd/commands.c
in todays snapshot and the post is a year and a half ago.

After having a look at nnrpd/commands.c::CMDauthinfo, it looks like
the commands are parsed and the password is already split when it hits
CMDauthinfo. So for a real fix, one would need to fix the calling
function of CMDauthinfo. I haven't been able to figure out which one
that is yet (anyone?). A work around would be to concatenate the
remaining elements of av from av[2] to av[count(av)-1] and insert
blanks in between.

Does anyone see any more elegant way?


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