rebuilding overview: ovdb vs. tradindexed

Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at
Thu Jan 24 16:11:57 UTC 2002

>I just upgraded my test server to inn-STABLE-20020116 and decided to 
>switch the overview from tradindexed to ovdb.
>My question: how dow the overview rebuild process differ from what
>I used for tradindexed (as follows)?
>  ctlinnd pause overview rebuild
>  cd ~news/spool/overview
>  rm -r ./[a-zA-Z]*
>  cd ~news
>  makehistory -O -x -F
>  ctlinnd go overview rebuild
>Obviously the filenames change for ovdb. Do I still throttle/pause
>the server and remove everthing in the overview directory before
>running makehistory?
> - michael
You must completely stop the server before switching overview
methods.  In addition, with ovdb, there's an extra step that needs
to be performed before running makehistory: you have to start the
database supervisor processes.
(as your news user)
  ctlinnd shutdown x
  [edit inn.conf to switch ov method]
  [delete tradindexed files]
  dbprocs start
  makehistory -O -x -F
  dbprocs stop		(because will do a dbprocs start)
This applies to STABLE and earlier.  For CURRENT, you use ovdb_init
instead of dbprocs.

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