rebuilding overview: ovdb vs. tradindexed

Chris Beggy news at
Fri Jan 25 19:05:06 UTC 2002

Heath Kehoe <heath.kehoe at> writes:

> You must completely stop the server before switching overview
> methods.  In addition, with ovdb, there's an extra step that needs
> to be performed before running makehistory: you have to start the
> database supervisor processes.
> (as your news user)
>   ctlinnd shutdown x
>   [edit inn.conf to switch ov method]
>   [delete tradindexed files]
>   dbprocs start
>   makehistory -O -x -F
>   dbprocs stop		(because will do a dbprocs start)

inn-2.3.2, gnu/linux 2.2.16, glibc2

I recently rebuilt ovdb overview, and I skipped the explicit
"dbprocs start" command, and the rebuild succeeded. It took a
long time, though...  What does the "dbprocs start" do?



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