innd dies / no log

Brendon Colby bren at
Thu Jan 24 20:05:54 UTC 2002

Double checked syslog entry and it looks fine. innd logs just fine to 
/var/log/news/, except when it dies. There's nothing in the logs to explain
innd dying at all. It runs until I connect to port 119 (then closes the 
connection right away - innd dies). 

On Thu, Jan 24, 2002 at 11:41:33AM -0800, Joe St Sauver wrote:
> Do you have news.crit and news.err defined in syslog.conf ? Is
> there a tab between the two fields in that file? Did you kill -HUP
> syslog? Anything in /var/log or /var/adm that looks relevant?
> Joe

Brendon Colby
Systems Administrator
Midcontinent Communications

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