innd dies / no log

Brendon Colby bren at
Thu Jan 24 19:37:05 UTC 2002


I'm trying to get innd 2.3.2 set up and running. I've followed the INSTALL file
to the letter, and am using CNFS and timehash for my storage methods. I will be
getting a full newsfeed from WorldCom. My problem is that after I run, I
do see that innd is running and port 119 is open. As soon as I try to connect
w/ a news client or through telnet, innd dies, leaving no log of why it dies
whatsoever. I've gone through and double checked everything, and it's all there
and in place and configured properly (to the best of my knowledge). I'm not sure
what else to do. Please advise if possible.


Brendon Colby
Systems Administrator
Midcontinent Communications

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