inn as a news router

Nicholas Berry nberry at
Thu Jul 11 21:28:03 UTC 2002

After reading several INN information sites and searching through ISC's
INN achive of this mailing list, several people have mentioned that INN
can be a news router and act similar to Cyclone, but no one has
mentioned how or referenced documention to do this.

Can someone please validate my configuration or point me in the right
direction to accomplish this?

I have the following configuration..

 innfeed!:!*:Tc,Wnm*:/opt/news/bin/startinnfeed -y

 peer customerA {
	streaming:	true

 streaming:	true
 peer ME {
 	hostname:	"localhost,"
 peer sprint {
	hostname:	""
 peer customerA {
	hostname:	""

 method timehash {
	newsgroups: *
	class: 0
	size: 1,1000000

A few questions in regards to this configuration.
  1. I do not want to maintain a spool on this system, do I need to have
any entries in storage.conf?
  2. CustomerA wants a peering connection and that only seems to appear
to work if they're listed in incoming.conf, but I thought they should be
listed in innfeed.conf (according to man pages and articles about INN).


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