fix for missing logging in nnrpd

Ben Rosengart br+inn at
Thu Jul 25 22:20:45 UTC 2002

This is Aidan Cully's fix for a problem in nnrpd: when the authenticator
program is missing, nothing is logged.  I don't know which version
this is against, but getting it to apply to any version should be

--- perm.c.orig Thu Jul 25 15:27:28 2002
+++ perm.c      Thu Jul 25 15:28:37 2002
@@ -1661,6 +1661,7 @@
        dup2(wrfd[0], 0);
        execv(arg0, args);
        /* if we got here, there was an error */
+       syslog(L_WARNING, "%s perm could not exec %s: %m", ClientHost, arg0);

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