Audit of INN against draft-ietf-nntpext-base-13.txt complete

Alex Kiernan alexk at
Wed Jun 5 14:36:09 UTC 2002

Russ Allbery <rra at> writes:

> Alex Kiernan <alexk at> writes:
> > That was my plan, more or less; if we break people because they were
> > relying on things which were unsupportable, thats their problem, but if
> > we can avoid gratuitously breaking them I'd like to.
> Makes sense to me.  And in general I fall on the configurability side of
> the debate over pure standard implementation vs. highly customizeable
> software, although I think INN has suffered from having a few too many odd
> corners tacked on and needs some cleaning up in that department.
> > Is there a list somewhere of the headers a relaying agent should
> > require?
> RFC 1036 on that score is actually pretty accurate.  Basically, From,
> Date, Newsgroups, Subject, Message-ID, and Path.

OK, I've just implemented IHAVE support for nnrpd (but not committed
it yet), here's what I've done:

Require Date, From, Message-ID, Newsgroups, Path and Subject headers

Add X-Trace and X-Complaints-To unconditionally (stomping on anything
the client supplied)

Suppresses generation or alteration of NNTP-Posting-Host,
NNTP-Posting-Date, Organization, Lines, Cc, Bcc and To headers

I haven't made the X-Trace and X-Complaints-To headers configurable
yet - yes I know thats wrong according to the RFC, I just thought I'd
ask here first for peoples views.

I'm about to rewrite READline so the line length limit goes away which
fixes one of the problem cases I can't otherwise easily work around
for POST/IHAVE differences.

Alex Kiernan, Principal Engineer, Development, Thus PLC

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