Idea for article filter in storage.conf

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Mon Jun 10 19:44:15 UTC 2002

On Jun 10, Alex Kiernan <alexk at> wrote:

 >Sorry I didn't put my original statement too well - its more that
 >cleanfeed is in the wrong place in the article flow to do what we
My point is that since it's going to parse the articles for its own
needs then it could also export back to INN the classification.
E.g. INN could export a magic %arttype hash in which cleanfeed could
set keys like $arttype{binary} = 1 and $arttype{multipart} = 1.

I do not understand why you say it's in the wrong place, since the
filters are one of the first steps in article processing the results can
be shared with the rest of the chain.
And I agree that it would be very useful to have these values available
to newsfeeds too.

 >> While you are poking at the perl interface I have a feature request:
 >> I need to silently discard articles so that nnrpd still reports success
 >> to the user (and maybe without adding the Message-ID to the history so I
 >> can manually inject them if appropriate).
 >> I know that the nnrpd perl filter can do it, but I do not want to run a
 >> perl interpreter in each nnrpd.
 >Not sure I follow - is this at article injection time?
Yes, I want to return a magic status from the perl filter which will tell
innd to silently discard the article but still report success to nnrpd.


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