problem with expiring and emmergency at spool...

ali mutlu aydin alimutluaydin at
Mon Jun 10 22:14:13 UTC 2002

>How much storage do you have and how long are you trying to keep >articles 
>for?  And how many hierarchies/groups are you carrying?
my server storage capacity is smaal. my server handles only comp.* hierarcy. 
moderated gruops were expired at 25 days but i change that to 20 days and 
others were expired at 20 days but i change that to 15 days. After that 
spool (size) did not become smaller . What is reason of this situation?

>>according to log records, expireover has processed less article lines
>>than expire has processed...expireover has processed about 250000 and
>>expire has processed about 500 000...  there is big discrepancy.. is
>>there any problem?

>No.  expire processes the entire history file, which includes stub >entries 
>for articles that your server has seen and rejected, or for >articles that 
>have already expired but have not passed your history >retention period.
when %94 of storage capacity was used, according to logs,expireover had 
processed about 250 000 articles and expire had processed 500 000. After 
that i changed expire.ctl by reducing expiring period. Now according to 
logs, expireover has processed about 195 000 articles and expire has 
processed 595 000.. there is a strange stiuation because now %98 of storage 
capacity are used. i reduced expiring period but spool size goon to 
enlarge... so that there is a problem..
i am waiting for suggestions about this problem...

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