Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Sat Mar 2 16:27:14 UTC 2002

> I've never actually used bug tracking software.  I'd like to get some
> experience with it.  I've never gotten past the difficulty with setting
> the thing up and the usually clunky web interfaces to try to really use a
> bug tracking package.  (I've only used ticket-handling packages of the
> help-desk type, which are related but dissimilar.  I've written my own
> package there, but it's not suitable to being used as a bug tracking
> package.)

I agree web interfaces are clunky for initial import.  So....
I wrote a wrapper that allows me to import items written
like this:

[debug]2002-03-01 Fix A */
[coded]2002-03-01 B was fixed, need to test */
[debug]2002-03-01 Fix C.
   Need more details?  These lines go into
   the description.
[wish]2002-03-01 Sure would be nice to have D. */

In this form, I can make short lists without much interruption to
what I am doing.  (The */ termination is so that I can write them
within the comments in code I am working on at the time.)
I then import into the tracking system in small batches when convenient.  

I use the web interface to query, set categories, adjust
priorities, mark items closed, etc.  The CGI allows you
to select items and update fields in batches, instead
of individual record editing.  

I'll plan to get a functional version working so you
can see it and evaluate it.  (I need to do it for one
of my projects anyway, so getting a set up for INN
shouldn't be too much extra work.)


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