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Sat Mar 2 16:42:44 UTC 2002

Forrest J Cavalier <mibsoft at> writes:

> I agree web interfaces are clunky for initial import.  So....  I wrote a
> wrapper that allows me to import items written like this:

> [debug]2002-03-01 Fix A */
> [coded]2002-03-01 B was fixed, need to test */
> [debug]2002-03-01 Fix C.
>    Need more details?  These lines go into
>    the description.
>  */
> [wish]2002-03-01 Sure would be nice to have D. */

> In this form, I can make short lists without much interruption to what I
> am doing.  (The */ termination is so that I can write them within the
> comments in code I am working on at the time.)  I then import into the
> tracking system in small batches when convenient.

That sounds really good.  In fact, long-term, we could even think about
doing that rather than putting FIXME comments in code.  Hm.  (I have vague
ideas of possible potential uses there.)

> I use the web interface to query, set categories, adjust priorities,
> mark items closed, etc.  The CGI allows you to select items and update
> fields in batches, instead of individual record editing.

Oh, that sounds really good.

> I'll plan to get a functional version working so you can see it and
> evaluate it.  (I need to do it for one of my projects anyway, so getting
> a set up for INN shouldn't be too much extra work.)

Thank you!

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