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Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Mar 8 18:24:28 UTC 2002

The Doctor <doctor at> writes:

> Please post latest TODO below so we can look forward to see what needs
> to be tested.
Scheduled for INN 2.4:

* Reimplement the inn.conf parser using the new generic configuration
  parsing code and supply a script that can reformat existing inn.conf
  files to still be valid when upgrading from older versions of INN
  (mostly adding quotes around parameter values containing whitespace).
  [Russ is working on this.]

* There are some outstanding issues with the IPv6 that should be examined,
  see doc/IPv6-info.  Whatever is not fixed should be documented.

* Replace the current file with a real INN Perl module for
  Perl programs, and include the necessary glue so that other Perl modules
  can be added to INN's build tree and installed with INN, allowing their
  capabilities to be available to the portions of INN written in Perl.
  [Russ plans on doing this.]

* Fix as many of the protocol issues documented in doc/compliance-nntp as

* Switch at least nnrpd over to using the new wildmat routines rather than
  breaking apart strings on commas and matching each expression

* The recovery tools currently need serious work in the area of recovering
  overview for a single newsgroup using tradspool, analyzing a broken
  overview file (rather than just deleting it and regenerating it) and
  doing things like regenerating a .IDX from a .DAT for tradindexed, and
  renumbering the active file if it gets out of sync with the article
  numbers on disk.

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