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Mon Mar 11 13:53:40 UTC 2002

On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Pavel V. Knyazev wrote:

> What is the stable tree?
> "Development version
> Nightly snaphots of the work-in-progress version are available
> on our ftp site. The work in these snapshots is very bleeding-edge
> and less-than-alpha quality."

That refers to CURRENT.

> How can i be assured that there's NO bugs in stable versions?

You can't, of course.  However, we believe that there are fewer bugs in
CURRENT than in the latest release (now 2.3.2).  You see, we have
definitely fixed some bugs, and we probably did not break anything.

> How does the patches come in to the stable tree?
> How are they approved?

People send them to us, or we discover problems when people report bugs.
There's no formal process, but we are very careful when making changes to

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