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Mark Hittinger bugs at
Wed Mar 13 01:17:57 UTC 2002

> "Pavel V. Knyazev" <pasha at> wrote;
>  How could i to catch up this slow-but-fast peer, that gives me
>  a lot of articles (because it offers articles earlier than others)
>  but hinders me propagating articles (because it sends the body
>  later than the others could do).

Sounds like this "slow-but-fast" peer has been tweaked to enhance its freenix
rating :-)  I'd suspected some sites of having been modified to convey checks
with high priority to peers and defer the actual transmission of the article.
I'd suspected some ware of even conveying checks without having actually
received the article in question which is bad imho.  The site would be able
to enhance its freenix rating by getting itself into the precommit caches
of its peers first.

It might be nice to have an option in incoming.conf to disallow a particular
incoming peer from being able to put an entry in the precommit cache.  It
might also be nice to have some statistic collection on the precommit cache
to see the percentage of precommit wins per peer and the average delay between
the check and the complete reception of the article (per peer).

Flush out those cheaters! :-)


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