article propagation delay

Pavel V. Knyazev pasha at
Wed Mar 13 14:32:17 UTC 2002

> I'd suspected some ware of even conveying checks without having actually
> received the article in question which is bad imho.

Does anybody know such a sites?
I won't exchange with'em.

> might also be nice to have some statistic collection on the precommit
> to see the percentage of precommit wins per peer and the average delay
> the check and the complete reception of the article (per peer).

I guess INN does not support such a debugging features.
It shows the article arrival time only :-\

Also, it would be great to have such an options like
wipcheck and/or wipexpire belonging to each peer separately.

> Flush out those cheaters! :-)

Easy to say - hard to do.
The only right way is to disable each incoming peer one-by-one.
This process can take about 2 months to be done :-)

I guess there is another more correct way:
1) write a simple script that will be listening on 119-th port
for incoming connections and will accept each 4-th article
and refuse all others (we need to escape NO-CHECK
mode that incoming peer could fall in)
2) reroute all incoming traffic from a assumed bad site to this
script and see what's happening, it looks like it is very simple
to measure the time between check and actual reception.


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