CNFS mmap memory error

Antoine Delvaux antoine.delvaux at
Tue Mar 19 14:32:51 UTC 2002


Thank you very much to everybody for the feedback about using CNFS=20
buffers on raw devices bigger than 2 GB.  I'm understanding a bit more=20
the depths of INN now.

My current setup is with multiple 2 GB CNFS buffers.  Maybe I'll try to=20
switch to a unique big file later on.  But I'm currently seeing quite a=20
lot of errors in the log of INN :

Mar 19 15:15:07 aotearoa innfeed[1036]: CNFS-sm: could not mmap token=20
@03015344453700000000001AC32B00000007@ SDE7:0x3586560c:7: Cannot allocate=
Mar 19 15:15:07 aotearoa innfeed[1036]: Could not retrieve=20
@03015344453700000000001AC32B00000007@: mmap failed

Does this means that my buffers are to big (maybe just a bit more than 2=20
GB) ?  Will it solve the problem to make one big files instead of using=20
multiples small raw devices ?  (Again, I have a RAID 0 stripping system=20
underneath, so it doesn't matter having one big file or multiple small=20


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