CNFS mmap memory error

Katsuhiro Kondou Katsuhiro_Kondou at
Wed Mar 20 00:39:50 UTC 2002

In article <20020319153251.M15867 at>,
	Antoine Delvaux <antoine.delvaux at> wrote;

} Mar 19 15:15:07 aotearoa innfeed[1036]: CNFS-sm: could not mmap token=20
} @03015344453700000000001AC32B00000007@ SDE7:0x3586560c:7: Cannot allocate=
} =20
} memory
} Mar 19 15:15:07 aotearoa innfeed[1036]: Could not retrieve=20
} @03015344453700000000001AC32B00000007@: mmap failed
} Does this means that my buffers are to big (maybe just a bit more than 2=20
} GB) ?

No.  cnfs has a header for each article.  It includes
the size of article, but it doesn't look like your
header is what it should be.  There are three possibilities
how this comes.

- the buffer is broken(this may happen if the system was
- new article is stored into buffer where innfeed is
  trying to retrieve

Katsuhiro Kondou

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