INN-CURRENT-20020322 bugs on BSD/OS 4.3

The Doctor doctor at
Fri Mar 22 23:37:01 UTC 2002

On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 10:36:43AM -0500, Jeffrey M. Vinocur wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Mar 2002, The Doctor wrote:
> > perm.c: In function `MatchHost':=0D
> > perm.c:1680: syntax error before `bits8'=0D
> Russ, what's the right way to get uint8_t?

Here is what an egrep uint8_t /usr/include/*/*.h gives me:

/usr/include/dns/confzone.h:	isc_uint8_t			refcount;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t		cpu_len;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t		os_len;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:                isc_uint8_t    length;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t		x25_len;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t		isdn_len;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t		subaddress_len;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t		labels;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:        isc_uint8_t		protocol;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:        isc_uint8_t		algorithm;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t		long_len;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t		lat_len;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t		alt_len;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t	version;	/* must be first and zero */
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t	size;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t	horizontal;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t	vertical;	
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t		flags_len;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t		service_len;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t		regexp_len;
/usr/include/dns/rdatastruct.h:	isc_uint8_t		algorithm;
/usr/include/dns/types.h:typedef isc_uint8_t				dns_secalg_t;
/usr/include/dns/types.h:typedef isc_uint8_t				dns_secproto_t;
/usr/include/g++/_G_config.h:typedef u_int8_t _G_uint8_t;
/usr/include/isc-dhcp/int.h:typedef unsigned char			isc_uint8_t;
/usr/include/isc/buffer.h:isc__buffer_putuint8(isc_buffer_t *b, isc_uint8_t val);
/usr/include/isc/buffer.h:		isc_uint8_t _val2 = (_val); \
/usr/include/isc/int.h:typedef unsigned char			isc_uint8_t;
/usr/include/lwres/int.h:typedef unsigned char			lwres_uint8_t;
/usr/include/lwres/ipv6.h:		lwres_uint8_t	_S6_u8[16];
/usr/include/lwres/ipv6.h:	lwres_uint8_t		sin6_len;
/usr/include/lwres/ipv6.h:	lwres_uint8_t		sin6_family;
/usr/include/lwres/lwbuffer.h:lwres_buffer_putuint8(lwres_buffer_t *b, lwres_uint8_t val);
/usr/include/lwres/lwres.h:	lwres_uint8_t	nsnext;		/* index for next free slot */
/usr/include/lwres/lwres.h:	lwres_uint8_t	searchnxt;	/* index for next free slot */
/usr/include/lwres/lwres.h:	lwres_uint8_t	sortlistnxt;
/usr/include/lwres/lwres.h:	lwres_uint8_t	resdebug;      /* non-zero if 'options debug' set */
/usr/include/lwres/lwres.h:	lwres_uint8_t	ndots;	       /* set to n in 'options ndots:n' */
/usr/include/lwres/lwres.h:	lwres_uint8_t	no_tld_query;  /* non-zero if 'options no_tld_query' */
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