nnrpd_auth.pl loading issues

Mike Mondragon mike at mondragon.cc
Tue Mar 26 03:08:17 UTC 2002


I am having problems getting nnrpd_auth.pl to load correctly.
I have tried this on two separate systems, one with INN-2.3.2 built from
tar (with all options, including perl) and the other INN-2.3.2 from the
RedHat 7.2 distro.

I have double checked my inn.conf and
"nnrpperlauth: true"
is set and
"pathfilter:  /usr/local/news/bin/filter"
is also set and is an existing directory on the systems.

I had written a perl script that mimics the functionality of ckpasswd but
does the authentication from data stored on a MySQL DB.  I correctly used
this custom authenticator in readers.conf by testing good and bad user
names and passwords.  At that time I set the inn.conf to do authentication
via the nnrpd_auth.pl noted in my inn.conf settings above, rewrote the
"authenticate" perl subroutine in nnrpd_auth.pl, and restarted the server.
I tailed /var/log/messages and /usr/local/news/log/news.notice (mored err
and crit) to watch that everything started back up OK.  Now when I tested
my user name and passwords the server would give me 502's from my testing
remote host, and when testing from localhost would 381/281 for any
username password combination whether they were valid or not.

I could not find anything in the log files to indicate that nnrpd_auth.pl
had loaded correctly or if it loaded had perl or MySQL errors.

Any ideas?

Mike Mondragon
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