nnrpd_auth.pl loading issues

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I am working on something similar for LDAP and use the following
debugging technique.

In my PERL routine, I have a DEBUG level that, if set, prints
out messages to a LOG file. The routine opnes the Log File,
writes a message and then closes the LogFile. While this is rather
inefficient, it is a good way to test over short periods of time.

With appropriate print statements, what this will show is what 
parts of the script are being run and, if you keep tabs also on
the variables, what variables are bing returned.

I would try something like that to see if the perl script is being
correctly called ... also, please ensure that your Perl Modules
are available (I built and used my own Perl even though RH 7.2
have Perl 5.6.0. to ensure that I had FULL control over my perl

I hope that this helps. Good luck.


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I am having problems getting nnrpd_auth.pl to load correctly.
I have tried this on two separate systems, one with INN-2.3.2 built from
tar (with all options, including perl) and the other INN-2.3.2 from the
RedHat 7.2 distro.

I have double checked my inn.conf and
"nnrpperlauth: true"
is set and
"pathfilter:  /usr/local/news/bin/filter"
is also set and is an existing directory on the systems.

I had written a perl script that mimics the functionality of ckpasswd but
does the authentication from data stored on a MySQL DB.  I correctly used
this custom authenticator in readers.conf by testing good and bad user
names and passwords.  At that time I set the inn.conf to do authentication
via the nnrpd_auth.pl noted in my inn.conf settings above, rewrote the
"authenticate" perl subroutine in nnrpd_auth.pl, and restarted the server.
I tailed /var/log/messages and /usr/local/news/log/news.notice (mored err
and crit) to watch that everything started back up OK.  Now when I tested
my user name and passwords the server would give me 502's from my testing
remote host, and when testing from localhost would 381/281 for any
username password combination whether they were valid or not.

I could not find anything in the log files to indicate that nnrpd_auth.pl
had loaded correctly or if it loaded had perl or MySQL errors.

Any ideas?

Mike Mondragon
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