[CURRENT-20020321] Control message handling/output

Bettina Fink laura at hydrophil.de
Sat Mar 30 13:52:43 UTC 2002

Katsuhiro Kondou <Katsuhiro_Kondou at isc.org> wrote:

> } Why does an ignored newgroup message (for an already existing group)
> } got mailed? That's quite irritating (and bothering), if nothing (status,
> } tagline etc.) has changed. And what's that "62" in the message body?
> } It's the number of "Lines:" as I saw when comparing that mail with other
> } mails, but what's the intention of that? And where's the control's body?
> } 
> } Choose one:
> } 
> } [ ] Your setup is broken
> } [ ] RTFM
> } [ ] Bug
>  [*] I'm interested in what is really happen
> What the mail says?

Technical, the control message handling seems to work ok, from what
I see it's mainly the mail output:

The body of the control messages is missing in the mails, it consists
only of the content of the "Lines:" header.

Regarding that "no change" mails (what I really took for "no change"):
It seems that these "no change" mails are generated for groups that
change tagline. Saw it today for nl.muziek.mp3:

| Subject: newgroup nl.muziek.mp3 m no change nl-admin at nic.surfnet.nl

New tagline (correctly updated by the system):
nl.muziek.mp3	Alles over MP3, maar geen binary's. (Moderated)

Old tagline:
nl.muziek.mp3   Alles over MP3 (maar geen binary's). (Moderated)

mmmh ... Wait, no, that's not always the case, checked it, I got four
"no change" mails for "sci.space.moderated" in the last days (regarding
my procmail-log) and AFAICS, "sci.space.moderated" had no changes at
all, not even the tagline (diffed the control messages).

So if there's a tagline change, the mail's subject should say "tagline
change" or something like that instead of "no change", and if there was
really no change, it should not generate any mail at all.


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