A check that would be desirable for expireover, etc.

Antonio Querubin tony at lava.net
Sun Mar 31 20:20:28 UTC 2002

On Sun, 31 Mar 2002, Joe St Sauver wrote:

> It might, but it is more than I really had in mind... I was thinking more
> just a check that expireover is running as user news:news, and if not,
> simply immediately quiting with an informative message, thereby allowing
> the news administrator to take appropriate corrective active (e.g., manually
> su to news, logout and backin as news, whatever), and then rerun.

Since the damage is usually done as root, how about just setuid/setgid to
the configured news user/group if the euid/egid doesn't match?  If you're
already the right id, it shouldn't matter.  But if you're root, it'll do
the right thing.  If you're anything else, it'll fail on the setuid.

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