INN 2.3.3- does it support nnrp.access

kajan kajan at
Mon May 6 08:02:06 UTC 2002

Can I use the old nnrp.access file in this version.

Also If it possible, pl tell me how to configure INN 2.3.2 to use the
nnrp.access of INN 1.7.2.

I am upgrading to INN 2.3.2 & stuck in this part. Our ISP has to restrict
the access by IP address as our customer include dial-up, leased line &
broad band customer.
( Sorry I am new to coding)



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> I'm all ready to release INN 2.3.3; the only thing that's holding it up
> right now is that I can't log on to  I have mail out to Peter
> about this, and will be releasing it as soon as he gets back to me and
> fixes whatever problem there is.
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