INN 2.3.3- does it support nnrp.access

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon May 6 08:19:07 UTC 2002

kajan <kajan at> writes:

> Can I use the old nnrp.access file in this version.

> Also If it possible, pl tell me how to configure INN 2.3.2 to use the
> nnrp.access of INN 1.7.2.

Not out of the box, but you can look at the sample Perl authentication
hook.  It has some code that mostly does that.

We really recommend that you just rewrite your rules in the new
readers.conf format, however.  It's worth the time to do, it gives you
more flexibility down the road, and it's easier to maintain.  There are a
lot of examples in the man page and the INN distribution.

Note, BTW, that INN 1.7.2 is a very solid and stable version; if you're
upgrading just to upgrade (without actually seeing any problems), I'm not
sure that I'd recommend it just yet.  INN 2.4.0 will be the first version
of INN after 1.7.2 that, with storage API, I hope will have really solid
and robust recovery tools (at least for one overview method).

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