INN 2.3.3- does it support nnrp.access

Erik Klavon erik at
Tue May 7 05:01:21 UTC 2002


The file you will need is in the samples directory in your inn
distribution: inn/samples/

In order to use this method of access control, you will need to create
a readers.conf file that contains in an auth group the parameter
"perl_access:". The value you give to this parameter should be the
path to the above script, wherever you decide to put it. For details
on how to do this, see the readers.conf man page. There is a sample
readers.conf in the samples directory that might be of some help.


On Mon, May 06, 2002 at 06:08:06PM +0800, kajan wrote:
> > > Can I use the old nnrp.access file in this version.
> >
> > > Also If it possible, pl tell me how to configure INN 2.3.2 to use the
> > > nnrp.access of INN 1.7.2.
> >
> > Not out of the box, but you can look at the sample Perl authentication
> > hook.  It has some code that mostly does that.
> Pl. let me know which file, I have to look for. Sorry for that newsbie
> question,

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