retrieving expired messages

Bill Tangren bjt at
Fri May 10 17:38:06 UTC 2002

I am using tradspool. I got the files from backup tape, adjusted the 
file numbers in 'active', shut down the server, ran 'makehistory', ran 
'makedbz', and then restarted the server. I **still** can't see those 
old files in my news client. This is very frustrating. What am I doing 


Wim Lewis wrote:

> On Wednesday, May 1, 2002, at 10:59  AM, Bill Tangren wrote:
>> I am running inn 2.3.2-5, and I had left the expire settings, on one of
>> my newsgroups, set to the default, and what I wanted was for them not to
>> expire at all. I have made the requisite changes to expire.ctl, and I
>> have the expired messages on backup tape. How do I retrieve them? I
>> think that renumbering and history file are the big problems. Any ideas
>> how to do this, or where to read up on how to do it?
> Are you using tradspool? I don't think renumbering is a problem; INN 
> doesn't tend to reuse article numbers. (That would confuse most news 
> clients.) You should be able to restore the article files to the spool 
> directory, adjust the group's low article number in 'active', and 
> rebuild the overview database. (I don't know if rebuilding history is 
> also necessary.) See the man page for makehistory(8) (which also does 
> the overview databases).
> Wim.

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