innfeed and backlog-feed-first: a man patch

Ben Rosengart br+inn at
Thu May 16 20:36:43 UTC 2002

My co-worker Felicia Neff submitted a patch to innfeed in order to
make it easier to keep articles in order.  This patch added a key,

Here is a patch to doc/man/innfeed.conf.5 which should help other
sites make sense of the new functionality.  Please let me know if
this is acceptable.

--- innfeed.conf.5.old Mon May  6 17:24:27 2002
+++ innfeed.conf.5    Thu May 16 16:28:53 2002
@@ -502,6 +502,13 @@
 the size of \fBbacklog-limit\fP. If both \fBbacklog-factor\fP and
 \fBbacklog-limit-highwater\fP are defined, then the value of
 \fBbacklog-factor\fP is used.
+.B backlog-feed-first
+This key requires a boolean value.  By default it is set to false.
+when clearing a backlog, innfeed alternates between new articles and
+spooled articles.  When this key is set to true, innfeed feeds the
+backlog first.  In order for this to work correctly, max-connections
+and initial-connections for the peer in question must both be set to
 As previously explained, the peer definitions can contain
redefinitions of

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