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Jake Roersma jaker at
Thu May 16 18:57:40 UTC 2002

On Thu, 2002-05-16 at 14:29, kajan wrote:
> I also found out from the archive that It is difficult to run nfs with new
> version of INN.
> Can it be done with some chnge in settings?. Or some coding has to be done.
> Pl.let me know. I have to meet some deadline in this upgrading project.

Simple solution would be to get rid of NFS all together, on a binary
site this will be a very large bottle neck and make many customers very
irritated. NFS is a poorly written protocol and was never meant to be
used in such a way.  I know diablo has made head way on working around
this in which your server1 will act as spooll and you can set your
readers up with a header feed so the readers know where the articles
exsist.  This is easily scalable and will not become a bottle neck with
larger sites.  I am not sure that INN offers such a feature, if not
maybe someone will be willing to write one :).

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