Using /etc/shadow to authenticate user

Andreas Gredler andreas.gredler at
Fri May 17 13:54:17 UTC 2002


I am using inn version 2.2.3 for a local site. Everything works fine except user
authentication. I start my start-up script (provided by SuSE 7.3) as root to make
sure that /etc/shadow is readable. An entry in nnrp.access looks like:
192.168.0.*:Read Post:+::*

But a client from e.g. is able to connect without any username or
password. What´s wrong with this config ?

As I read in the man pages I only need to insert a "+" in the third field to enable
(BTW: Using a username and a password in nnrp.access works fine)

Any help much appreciated.

best regards Andreas Gredler

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