INN 2.x slow accesptance of articles

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Thu May 23 20:41:02 UTC 2002

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| I'm using INN 2.x w/ nntpsend, ovchannel, and CNFS w/ two news feeds.  
| It seem that each feed cannot go over 1-2Mbps each for some reason even 
| though there is no packet loss or congestion that we are aware of at 
| each end of in between.  So, I was wondering if there is any other 
| methods that I can use to speed up the acceptance rate?  The remote 
| server is experiencing back log to my system but not to others.  Does 
| INN govern the BW per feed?  If so, how can I increase that?  Any 
| performance tips would be more than welcome.

I haven't looked a STABLE in a while, there were problems there. I built
a new server with CURRENT and it will accept 400+ art/sec for minutes on
end, and about 7MB/sec of data. To some extent that's limited by the
bandwidth of the NIC.

What version are you running, hardware, o/s, etc?
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